If Good Men do Nothing

The darkness of the Jewish literature in the 20th century is one of the most visible elements of literature in the history of writing. The authors truly found themselves in the worst possible situations and they hated the state of affairs in the world. Any hope and anything that was not truly dark was latched on to whether it was a big deal or not. In the Spinoza of Market Street, the protagonist finds himself in a terrible situation where he nearly dies. However, thanks to the assistance of a truly ugly lady and the eventual marriage to that lady, he comes out of it with more hope than he deserves. This shows how the Jewish state of mind in this age of the world is so dark and so depressing that they, without any time wasted, instantly latch onto the first good thing that happens to them.

This counters the terrible state of affairs that show why the Jews became so dark and depressed, one of the best pieces that depicts the holocaust that should definitely be used to educate the younger generation about the actions of the Nazis is the book called “This way for Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen.” This piece truly dehumanizes the brutal acts and the terrible tortures for the Jewish people in the concentration camps, and is an invaluable tool to use in order to educate students about the possibilities of humans “If good men do nothing.”

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